10 Tips to Learn Choreography in Class

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

1.Remember, learning to dance is like learning a new language. It takes time, repetition and practice. Nobody learns a new language

after one class!

2.Those who pick up choreography fast have danced for years.

3,Watch different things at different times. Don't focus on the teacher all the time.

4. Watch the teacher first and soak in the information before moving.

By watching you learn faster than doing immediately as you activate the mirror neurons.

The moves sink in your brain. A combination or choreography can feel long and difficult if you try to absorb it all at once.

5. Take it in a little at a time. Have Fun with the moves you already can do!

6. Notice when you do pick up the moves as an encouragement to yourself

7. It might surprise you but making mistakes is what dance is all about! It is part of the process. It will help you build confidence as it is a tool to make you recognise

what you can do the next time. You might be surprised to notice that in your second class you will pick up the steps faster as you have had time to let the information settle in your body.

8. When it is hard to get a move, let it go! Concentrate on the next moves. You will find that the next week you will get the move as the information has sunk in. Don't worry if it is not perfect now as you can come back to it the next week. You will find that what you learnt before will add to your knowledge the next time, even if it is a new choreography. Be patient.

9. Come to class regularly is the secret to picking up moves super fast. Memorising moves takes practice, so never give up and keep on going. After a few weeks you will recognise the steps, moves and style and class will start to become a breeze!

10. Take more than 1 class. This will increase your movement style and vocabulary. The repetition will help you gain speed, strength and confidence.

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