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Dance Better. Live Better.

At DanceDistrict, we’ve been offering  Amsterdam dance classes since opening our doors in 2002. Ubit Iskandar is highly trained and a certified instructor with a wealth of experience in teaching and performing various styles and disciplines. She has a passion for the art of dance and for helping others discover the wonderful world of dance. Wake up your inner dancer and find your inner fire through movement.



Teaching is similar to performing on stage. You are engaged in telling a story and you hope people enjoy themselves by expressing their feelings and thier story through dance and music.​ 

The basis of class is traditional Jazz Dance which means class starts with learning the basic dance techniques. My inspirations are Bob Fosse, Brian Friedman and Josh Rhodes. I am also inspired by Urban dancers and you will see all styles in my class. I love bringing in new ideas.

I started dancing at the academy at a late age of 24. Before that I read History Of Art at Leiden University. At that time a good friend got me to take dance class. I wasn't convinced at all, but decided to try anyway. After that one class I never stopped. Two years later I went to Codarts dance academy. I then took over a school of 60 pupils in Zoetermeer. At 32 I began to dance for  established theater companies and traveled the Benelux. I tell this in the hope to inspire you. You can start dance at any time. Even when you think you are too ridiculousely old to start!

My star pupil is nearing 80 years of age.

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After training at CODARTS specialising in jazz and modern dance, I danced in musical theater, performing in major theaters in the Benelux and Germany. I then produced my independent modern dance theater in the Netherlands. I danced in musicals such as “Merchant of Amsterdam” with DNA theater company, "A Night at the Cotton Club" with Stardust Company and "Miss Saigon" for John de Mol TV. 

Subsequently I made independent dance pieces for small theaters in the Netherlands. 

In 2016 I founded "Look Now Dance Company" which is currently performing “The Golden Fruit”.

With more than 30 years of teaching experience I have taught at various schools in the Netherlands including Lucia Marthas, Chasse Dance Studios, Griffioen, 5 O'Clock Class and Marcella van Altena and Theater School Selma Susanna.

I am a certified Dance for Health Parkinson teacher that offers classes for people who have Parkinson, MS or other movement limitations.

"Ubit Iskandar moves to the drumming beat of the music. Her students watch her movements closely and then start to dance. The classes Ubit teaches are Jazz Dance, Broadway Jazz and Power-dance. About Power Dance “It's a dance workout that I developed in 2006 where you learn the different styles such as Jazz, funky, Bollywood dance, Latin and even including elements of Tango. Class always ends with a cooling down and a relaxation exercise. "The objective of the classes is to enjoy music and dance while gaining flexibility, muscle strength and a much better body posture".

(Amsterdams Stadsblad 2009)